Welcome to the VERSEU & VSPETS Blog.

VERSEU [vurs-soo] is a fun and addictive competition where you create an online profile and start “one-on-one” battles against friends, other members, places and things such as websites. You then win or lose based on how others vote, and get points for winning and for voting on other battles. You accumulate points and climb up the ranks; lose your battles, and you’ll find yourself in the dungeon. No other site provides such an efficient, straight up way to compete.

VSPETS is the Internet’s pet competition for every pet…. Whether your pet is an amphibian or reptile, rescued or breeded, your pet is welcome here. Show off your pet and win prizes for you and your pet. VSPETS works by entering your very own pet and starting competitions against other pets. The entire Internet votes on each competition and decides the winner. By winning, your pet gains VSPETS Points and Pet Coins which can be redeemed in the VSPETS Store for T-shirts, real pet toys and more! :)