Pets from VSPETS – Photos From The First Members

Hi paw-friends and pet lovers! The VSPETS community has been growing at unprecedented levels, and is causing a storm of paw, wing, fin and tail high-fives at VSPETS offices! The feedback is terrific and best of yet… the pet photos are amazing! We created a collage of some of the first pets to enter the competition. Here you go pawesome friends – Check it out right meow! – VSPETS.com

The First Pets of VSPETS


Support the Pets Tuesday: 10/2/2012


VSPETS Support The Pets Day: Thinking about getting a pet? Millions of companion animals in shelters across America are just waiting for a special home like yours. Navigating the adoption process isn’t as hard as you think. The Humane Society can help you find the perfect pet and discover how amazing adopting a pet can be.


VSPETS Declares Tuesdays As Support The Pets Day!

Every Tuesdays at VSPETS is Support The Pets Day. We would like to let all our members and friends know that we are supporters of pets and that every activity on our website and likes on facebook goes towards “VSPETS’ No Pet Left Behind Act.” For more information, please visit our Support The Pets page.

Every Tuesday, VSPETS will be making efforts to bring awareness towards specific topics for supporting the pets in the pet community.  For today, we would like to point out two organization that we strongly support.


The Humane Society


We woof you very much!



Today, we launched the VSPETS Internet Pet Competition (vspets.com) into beta mode. After nine months of paw-diligent effort and work, the doors to the pet competition are now open… We invite you and your pet to join the competition.


For those of you who are unfamiliar… VSPETS is the Internet pet competition for every pet.  Whether your pet is an amphibian or reptile, rescued or breeded, your pet is welcome on the site. VSPETS works by entering your very own pet and starting competitions against other pets. The entire Internet votes on each competition and decides the winner. By winning, your pet gains VSPETS Points and Pet Coins which can be redeemed in the VSPETS Store for T-shirts, real pet toys and more! :)

VSPETS’ east and west coast offices are thrilled to meet the pets of the world online at VSPETS.com.  We invite everyone who has a pet to join the VSPETS community and to start winning prizes!


Join the pet competition! VSPETS.COM


Introduction to VERSEU

Welcome to the first article of the VERSEU blog. From downhill racing recycling bins on top of skateboards as young neighbors to cross continental savvy and fearless business partners, Matt Busby and myself, Alex Lirette, have created the revolutionary web platform called VERSEU. For those who may not know, VERSEU is pronounced ver-soo and is dominating the web market in fulfilling social excitement, boredom passing and deep marketing analytics.

Here is the official description: VERSEU [vurs-soo] is a fun and addictive competition where you create an online profile and start “one-on-one” battles against friends, other members, places and things such as websites. You then win or lose based on how others vote, and get points for winning and for voting on other battles. You accumulate points and climb up the ranks; lose your battles, and you’ll find yourself in the dungeon. No other site provides such an efficient, straight up way to compete.

It is the site to feed your ego, to become your alter ego and to find out how you rank against everything you wish…. Since you think you’re the best like Kanye West!

For the future, VERSEU plans to identify the top 1% of mankind. We plan to discover who is the top whether through the people or through the categories.  We want to find the top person, the top car company or who is truly the #1 band.  On the site you will find battles between everyone and everything like Alex (myself) against Dearjohn26 who is a new member from the Philippines.  You will also find concrete battles like Honda vs. Hyundai and random ones like Led Zeppelin vs. Ketchup.

With VERSEU, we are identifying market research through our battle and voting analytics department. For example, we have identified whom the true winner between the two giant fast food restaurant, McDonalds and Burger King, and we are able to provide market research information to each company.  Through our analytics, we are able to keep track of who voted for which contestants and dive into what the voters previously voted on and discover patterns through our research.

It is amazing what we are discovering and we can’t wait to share it!